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Michael Angelo Batio’s “Tribute to Randy”

MAB’s “Tribute to Randy” is the complete version of Michael’s amazing tribute to guitar great Randy Rhoads. This version was performed live in MAB’s studio and is available on Michael’s “Performance” DVD available at www.angelo.com. The recorded version of “Tribute to Randy” is available on his “Hands Without Shadows” CD available at www.angelo.com Michael performed some of Randy’s most famous solos in “Tribute to Randy” using a completely different approach and techniques. Randy Rhoads used tapping extensively in many of the solo sections, whereas Michael choose to use “sweep” arpeggios to re create the magic of Randy’s music. Michael wanted to pay homage and respect to one of the greatest Metal Guitarists of all time – Randy Rhoads, with this tribute. Enjoy! Michael used a Marshall “combo” amp with 2, 12’s to achieve his sound. His Marshall stacks were used as props for the video. More lesson content available via Metal Method: https://metalmethod.com/michael-angel… My signature picks, strings & string dampener: https://www.godpsmusic.com/collection… I exclusively use Sawtooth Guitars: http://www.sawtoothworld.com ____________________________________________ https://www.handswithoutshadows.com https://www.instagram.com/michaelange… https://www.facebook.com/michaelangel…