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Neil Zaza-“I’m Alright” [Official HD Video] 2013

This video of Neil Zaza’s “I’m Alright” is an excerpt from the DVD release “Live On Crooked River Groove.” This performance was captured in Cleveland, Ohio for the Tri-C television program “Crooked River Groove.” It was recorded live on a sound stage in a black box theater. Neil Zaza-Guitar Raymond J. Liptak-Bass Nick Greathouse-Rhythm Guitar Tim Sprow-Drums The guitar tab for the original version of this song can be found here: http://store.payloadz.com/details/100… “I’m Alright” appears on Neil’s CD “Live On Crooked River Groove” and can be found here: here: http://www.neilzaza.com/Store/store.asp For more info please visit Neil’s website at www.neilzaza.com